We aren’t in the business of selling media. We deal in online audience, campaign goals and ROI. Hence, it becomes imperative that we work with you one-to-one and make sure we exactly understand your product proposition, your consumers and your campaign goals. Thereby, provide you a solution using technology, media and services which meets your objectives.

We begin with learning about your business, consumers & marketing objectives.

We aren’t in the business of selling media. We deal in online audience, campaign goals and ROI. Hence, it becomes imperative that we work with you one-to-one and make sure we exactly understand your product proposition, your consumers and your campaign goals. Thereby, provide you a solution using technology, media and services which meets your objectives.

Then we find people who exhibit interest in products similar to what you are offering.

Our analysts research what your target customer search online and what content interests them. We plan and forecast the best way to influence your potential customers and generate the desired response.

We put together all your digital assets for engaging interaction with potential customers

Give customers enough reasons to contact you. We help you create an engaging experience on your micro-website and strategically design advertisements that works great on Google Search, Display, Mobile, Video and Social Media.

We set campaign goals and measure success along the way to assure you great results

More than anything else it is important to work towards a well-defined goal. We predetermine what response should we expect from the campaign and we strive towards achieving these goals making it successful for your business objectives.

Give location to your ads, limit spends per day, place it on popular websites, target most searched keywords and improve creative.

Your assigned campaign manager will use the best tactics to make sure that your ads are delivered only to the right audience, at the right time and right place. He closely monitors the campaign delivery and relentlessly work towards bringing the best value for the money you spend on advertising with us.

Discover audience response and share insights

We share with you all the minutest information we monitor in your campaign which may help you get meaningful insights to plan for future campaigns or products.


A million impressions are meaningless if it’s not reaching your target audience. Branding campaigns focusing only on selective placements are short-lived and costly to sustain. Our approach gives brand not only the required visibility but also drive responses and interactions. So brands can expect a lot more from an awareness campaign at significantly lower cost from LINQ.

High Impact Advertising Formats

From page takeovers to expanding ads and interactive in-stream video, we support these ads to create the wow factor and bring digital marketing to life. Make use of existing digital assets – TV ads, YouTube videos, twitter feeds, social media and microsite content to push your communication with a desired impact on your audience. In just a matter of few minutes, we can adapt your TVC to Flash display video, Pre-roll, HD and HTML5 video and deliver the TV-like experience to online audience.

Dynamic HTML5 Ads

Your creative delivers fresh engaging content on every impression. Creative updates its copy in Real-time, deliver right product/price in the ad which is relevant to the user’s interest or time bound communication every time user sees your ad.

Mobile Marketing

Reach your valuable consumers easily on their mobile and tablet devices with innovative ad formats such as native, interstitial or banner which can instantaneously adapt to any device, OS, screen size or network. Pick your target audience by location, device, context, demographics, network operator.

Facebook & Twitter Ads

While your customers browse internet looking for the products you sell, we place your offers as recommendations on their Facebook news feed. Create your custom audience on Twitter and Facebook by describing their persona and reach out to potential customers for high recall and immediate response.


You’re losing business to competitors despite doing everything just right. 90% brands fail to influence customer when he is ready to make a purchase. We use a large variety of data to score your customers based on their intentions to buy related products and services. We can target individuals the second they express their intent and deliver an ad to them no matter what websites they’re browsing.

Demand Generation

Generating demand is very different from procuring leads. Marketers who mistake leads for demand find themselves trapped in maximizing cold contacts and justifying costs. Demand generation campaigns focus more on shaping the audience’s perspective instead of just capturing their information, so that your audience is more likely to purchase your products or services. LINQ help brands by truly investing in creating user interest for your products and services and augment demand.

Audience Creation

Our gut feeling tells whether a customer walking-in our store will buy our product, Right? Wrong! It is his gestures and response which indicates his future action. Similarly, we predict online users on the basis of their interaction with your web properties, their level of interest in your product and their propensity to convert as your customers. We create custom Audience Segments so that every time you come across any new customer, you can decide how much attention LINQ should give to that user. Thereby, your limited time, energy and money is focused only on converting hot prospects. Creating audience segment also helps in periodic follow-up with your prospects so that we maintain presence till the time he is ready to make a purchase decision.

Campaign Optimization

It’s always surprising how consumers react to offerings. MNEs spend tens of million dollars in predicting this behavior before every new product or offer is launched. This is because the course correction is near impossible and loses are in hundreds of million dollars. With LINQ, it is quite simple and spontaneous process. We gather insights from the user response to advertisement and content at an impression level. Our analysts learn from their behavior and forecast campaign performance. Our systems flag any undesirable campaign activity and course correction is effective in just a few milliseconds.

ROI Measurement

Measuring success of a campaign is the most critical part of any marketing activity. The Irony is that your media partners don’t give it much importance. Hence you have never found your media partner classifying users who responds to your ads, profiling audience who visits your website, publisher source of your visitors, effective cost of conversion and include all of this in a report. Yes, LINQ measures and shares every single detail which matters to you. Just ask for it! We make use of multiple performance indicators to measure the success of a campaign. Call us if you wish to see our sample reports and analytics. We bet you’ve never seen a report so detailed ever before.


Re-marketing is a method in which internet users who visit a brand website are marked or tagged using a pixel. The visitors are then served relevant ads, through various and usually lower cost media sources, encouraging them to complete the process they began on the website or if they are interested in any other product or services from the same brand. Re-marketing not only creates higher revenues by attracting the right audience but also improves the ROI of the rest of your online campaigns. While there is more than one form of this technology, the most frequently used is site-based retargeting. Other forms include search retargeting, email retargeting, and CRM retargeting.

How it Works

Site-based retargeting is the practice of serving ads to people who visit your website after they leave. These ads appear on a variety of other sites around the web, keeping your brand in front of your bounced site visitors in an attempt to bring them back. Site-based retargeting uses cookies to stay in front of previous site visitors. When someone visits your website, a few lines of code provided by your retargeter will drop an anonymous browser cookie. This cookie is a small file that stores information. The cookie will store the site visit, but does not store any sensitive information, such as the site visitor’s name, address or any other piece of information that might personally identify the visitor.

When someone comes to your site, a cookie is dropped, and eventually, they leave and visit another site. The cookie lets your retargeter know when one of your bounced visitors appears on another site. If there is available ad space, your retargeter will bid on that space in real-time, and if they are the highest bidder, will secure the ad space before the page loads.

This entire process is automated and occurs within a fraction of a second. By the time the page loads, the ad space will have been purchased and your ad will appear alongside the page content.

Please contact us if you wish to know more about advanced methods of Retargeting.